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McGee, an award winning entertainment company specialising in wedding & corporate events, servicing Byron Bay through to the Sunshine Coast. 


Please complete this online form to enable us to plan your wedding to perfection!


-Please email any supporting documents such as floorplans, run sheet from your venue/ wedding planner to

-When a key moment song is to be played, please specify the correct song title, artist, if there is a specific version, time and if you wish the song to be performed LIVE or as a TRACK

-Please fill out every section unless it is not applicable to your day.

-If no floor plan available, please provide a detailed description of each performance location - ie. next to fig tree on lower lawn

-We request that you complete this form just before your due date.  We find if couples return their final information too early, they change their minds then we end up with several updates and the whole process becomes a little messy.

-Please ensure your returned form is COMPLETE with your FINAL information.  Additional administration charges may apply if there are big changes or updates required.

-Please do not be late in returning this information - this could effect your song choices if you wish these to be performed LIVE.  Your artist needs time to learn these.  

-Please refer to the FAQ booking sheet attached in your email - this gives helpful information around performance locations, bump-in times, song requests, meals for your artist etc.

Name of Partner Two *
Name of Partner Two
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Phone of Partner One
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Phone of Partner Two
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Ceremony address
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Cocktail address (if different)
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Please provide any specific loading information ie. stairs or use rear door
Please provide any specific instructions as to where the artists are to park.
Please provide an accurate description - i.e. next to fig tree on lower lawn.
Are there any sound restrictions for your ceremony?
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Is there power available? A generator can be hired for a small fee. Refer to FAQ for further information on this
Please note - takes approximately 45 minutes to set up & sound check
(Pre-ceremony music will commence at this time)
Time: Song: Artist: Performed live or Track: Specific version?:
Time: Song: Artist: Performed live or Track: Specific version?:
Time: Song: Artist: Performed live or Track: Specific version?:
Start time: Finish time:
Please provide an accurate description - i.e. courtyard area next to Bar
Any sound restrictions for your Cocktail hour?
Is there a wet weather contingency plan for your cocktail hour?
Is there power available?
Please note: It takes approximately 20 minutes to set up & sound check from the ceremony space if different location.
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Please advise the number of guests attending your wedding. This is important on determining what size PA we need for your event.
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