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    1    By signing and returning the quote as issued, you are formerly engaging McGee Entertainment/ and its ‘Artists’ to perform as the details specified in the quote. The Agreement is confirmation of the ‘Artist’ appearance therefore no deposit required. 

    2    Formal quotes or pricing advised in emails are valid for 90 days.

    3    Should the event cancel or the client cancels the agreement or the client decides to cancel or downgrade the agreed performance (either the amount of time agreed or band arrangement/number of performers) 30 days or more prior to the appearance/event date, 50% of the Artist fee is payable.   

Should the event cancel or the client cancels the agreement or the client decides to cancel or downgrade the agreed performance (either the amount of time agreed or band arrangement/number of performers) 30 days or less prior to the appearance/event date, 100% of the Artist fee is payable.  

Your cancellation must be received in writing/email. Payment will be due 6 weeks from the date of cancellation.  
Should you need to change the date, in most circumstances we can accommodate this with NO additional charge providing notice is received 90 days prior to the original event.

    4    A Performance Run Sheet will be issued within 10 days prior to the event/ appearance with full details and information regarding the appearance as specified by the client/engager in the Wedding/ Details Request Sheet.  It is at the responsibility of the client/ engager to ensure this information is full, accurate and complete.  The client/engager will receive a copy of this Run Sheet before it is distributed to the ‘Artist/s’. If the engager provides incorrect, partial or incomplete information, McGee does not accept any liability for any possible discrepancy or occurrences.  The engager accepts full responsibility to ensure that all information required in relation to the appearance including timing, songs and details are correct.

    5    At the time of final distribution of the Performance Run Sheet, this is considered FINAL therefore any changes after this distribution may only be small/ minor in nature. Additional administrative fees may apply.  Upon sending our the final Performance Run Sheet, it is up to the responsibility of the engager/client to ensure that all information is complete and correct.  If there are any amendments, the engager/ client must notify McGee of any amendments ASAP (or within 3 days prior the event). 

    6    Payment is required 3 days prior to the event. If payment is not received prior to the event, McGee Entertainment has the right to cancel the appearance until proof of payment is received, or unless previously arranged.  Payment is to be made via Bank Transfer unless previously arranged.  McGee also accepts payments via Credit Card which includes Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Apple Pay.  Credit Card payments must be received 14 days prior to the event.  This must be coordinated with your Event Manager.  All Credit Card payments incur a 3.5% fee.

    7    All Artist Fees are strictly private and confidential and are not to be discussed between the client/engager and ’Artist’. 

    8    McGee Entertainment and/or its ‘Artists’ are not liable for any disruption, delay, or disturbance if the relevant information was not passed on in a timely fashion or at the time of completing the final Performance Run Sheet. All Last minute changes must be communicated in a timely fashion either directly to McGee Entertainment or the ‘Artist’ on the day of the event. 

    9    The Performer agrees that the Performance will not include contents which: 

    ◦    .  (i) offend prevailing community standards; 

    ◦    .  (ii) encourage the rapid or excessive consumption of liquor. 

    10    “Force Majeure” means an event beyond the reasonable control of the affected party, including an unexpected illness (in the case of the ‘Artist/s’) such that the 

    Performer is unable to safely conduct the Performance as evidenced by a medical certificate, event caused by riot, war hostilities, law, order, acts of government, regulatory, industrial or municipal corporations or authorities, directions of a trade union, strikes, lockouts, acts of God, storm, fire, accident, strike and sabotage.

10.     McGee Entertainment/ and its ‘Artists’ is not liable to the client/engager for any defaults or delays in the performance of any of its obligations under this Agreement if such default or delay is a Force Majeure. McGee Entertainment will make a conservative effort to provide an alternative solution/Artist/s if time permits.

11.     The engager/ client is required to provide the following:

        -A safe performance environment with appropriate heating or cooling. There must be adequate space for the Artist to perform, ideally 9sqm or more. If performing outside within direct sunlight during the hours of 10am till 3pm for longer than 30 minutes, adequate shade/shelter must be provided. 

        -Sufficient power supply for the Performance unless previously organised with McGee Entertainment or the venue. 

        -Water available at all times for the Artist. 

        -A meal for each Artist if the Artist is required for 3 hours or more. 

        -Snacks and refreshments during Artist breaks. 

        -The Artist is required to receive a 15 minute break following every 45 minute 1 hour performance. 

        -Sufficient timing to bump in/ bump out of the venue.

12.     The ‘Artist’ will not damage the Venue or the fixtures and chattels thereon, or do anything to, or bring anything into, the Venue, which will endanger the Venue or the safety or enjoyment of any patrons or is inconsistent with the purpose of the Venue. McGee Entertainment will not accept responsibility should the ‘Artist’ cause any damage as outlined above. All ‘Artists’ are liable for their own damage and are covered by either their own Insurance or Public Liability Insurance.

13.     The ‘Artist’ will not obstruct or interfere with the aisles, entrances, exits, emergency lighting, fire extinguishing equipment or fire alarms in the Venue. The ‘Artist’ will not make any material alterations or alterations of a structural nature to the Venue. The Artist will follow all reasonable instructions of the Venues personnel regarding their conduct whilst in the Venue, including regarding health and safety requirements, the consumption of alcohol or the use of tobacco related products.

14.     The Artist agrees that any Equipment supplied by them and used in their Performance will be fit for its purpose, safe, clean and of good quality.

15.    McGee Entertainment/ and its ‘Artists’ may take photographs or record the Performance/ Event for the purposes of promoting McGee Entertainment/ and its ‘Artists’. If you do not wish for any material to be used in the way of promotion, you must express this in writing prior to the final Performance Run Sheet, otherwise it is deemed that the client/engager offers their consent.

16.     All contact information for McGee Entertainment ‘Artists’ are private and confidential. All enquiries regarding the performance/event should be directed to your McGee Entertainment representative. 

17.     The Complete Wedding Entertainment Package is based on 8 hours and covers your ceremony, cocktail and reception.  The All Inclusive Reception Package is based on 6 hours and covers your cocktail and reception.

  These packages DO NOT factor into the artist bump in/bump out time - this is complimentary.  The timing starts based on when SET ONE commences till the END OF ENTERTAINMENT at the conclusion of the Reception.  You may extend the package -  the cost is an additional $200 per hour. 

18.     We require ALL SPECIAL SONG REQUESTS to be returned to us (along with your WEDDING DETAILS REQUEST SHEET) ONE MONTH PRIOR TO YOUR WEDDING.  Your Artist will review your song requests and ensure that they are able to perform the song (and do it justice).  On most occasions, this is no problem.  Should the Artist feel that they won’t do the song justice, we will be back in touch and will organise that the original track is played instead.  Examples why the Artist hasn’t been able to perform special requests:

    -The original artist has a certain tone (deepness/high voice/unique tone) that our Artist can’t articulate

    -The original has a unique beat or melody that can’t be replicated acoustically.

    -The song request is a high female vocal when your chosen Artist is a male.

    We will do our absolute best to accommodate ALL requests.  Please choose NO MORE than 4 special requests.

19.     The catchment zone for our travel fees INCLUDED within the package is Maleny to Byron Bay township.  Heading west, the catchment zone goes as far as Laidley.

    Outside of those zones, a small travel fee will apply per number of artists you book.


    55c per additional KM marked from the closest town to the venue destination.  

    Example: Noosa Heads

    Maleny to Noosa Heads - 80km - $44 each way

    McGee will happily provide you an accurate quote.

20.     BUMP IN/ BUMP OUT - If your artist is performing your ceremony, they will arrive 45 minutes - 60 minutes prior depending on the set up requirements.  They will check in with the venue staff or event  contact of the day to run over timing and details.  

    If your artist needs to move the set up from your ceremony location to a cocktail space (within the  same venue) please allow 15 - 20 minutes.  If there is travel required, please add the travel time in addition to 15 - 20 minutes set up time.  

    If your artist has played solo ceremony/ cocktail hour, then is being joined in by a band for the Reception, the artist will need 40 - 60 minutes to bump in/set up/ sound check with the rest of the group.  They may also require a 15 - 20 minute break.

    If you are having a band perform (trio, 4 piece, 5 piece, 6 piece) at the Reception, they will need a minimum of 90 minutes to bump in/ sound check prior to the first set. 

21.      Holiday surcharge is applicable to any packages for events that occur between 24 December - 7 January.

22.      McGee Entertainment reserve the right to change or update terms and conditions as appropriate.

Please contact for a copy of these terms & conditions to be emailed to you.